What Is Email Segmentation And Why Does It Work?

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What Is Email Segmentation And Why Does It Work?

unsubscribedIn this episode I discuss what email segmentation is and how you can apply it in your business to get much better results from your email marketing.






  • I discuss the value of creating content on a consistent basis, even when a podcast interviewee reschedules on you at the last minute!
  • I share my least productive day and think about why that was the case and how I could have avoided it for the future.
  • The latest tool tip is a website called buzzsumo for finding out popular content that is being shared the most. I discuss this and reasons why you may want to be using it for your business.
  • I go in depth about email segmentation, what it is, why it works so well, and discuss some tools you will need in order to apply this in your business. The whole reason this topic came about is because I received an email from one of NZ’s top ecommerce websites who I have bought a lot of fitness products from, and there was no personalisation, no segmentation whatsoever. This really surprised me and was the basis for this episode. So I use them as a case study on how they can do things better. www.no1fitness.co.nz
  • I discuss what comes next after email segmentation, and briefly go into business and marketing automation and how this really starts to take your business to new levels. But we will leave the bulk of that for a future episode.




The Warehouse who owns 51% of torpedo7.co.nz, purchased for $33 million. Torpedo7 has recently acquired No1fitness.co.nz

Torpedo7 has two websites, one NZ based, and one Australia based – www.torpedo7.co.nz and www.torpedo7.com.au

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