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How To Value An Online Business With Jock Purtle

jockI talk to online business broker Jock Purtle about what makes a business valuable to a prospective purchaser, and how we can then build that into our business for a possible future sale.



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As business owners and entrepreneurs, you will have read in business books and heard the classic sayings such as how you need to work on your business and not in it, and how you have to begin with the end in mind. Well in this episode of The Digital Age podcast, we find out exactly what the end might look like.

By knowing what a potential buyer values the most when evaluating a business allows us to build that into our business. Jock Purtle gives us an insight into what buyers want, and by knowing that we can go and make our businesses more valuable.

In this episode you are going to hear and learn about the following:

  • Learn what the 3 most important aspects are that a potential buyer looks at when evaluating a business for purchase
  • ¬†Discover how important a domain name is to a business and possible purchaser
  • See how much value is added by being able to systemise your sales and marketing efforts, and what those marketing efforts might be
  • Hear why a recurring subscription business model is really hot right now and the reasons why it is attractive to a potential buyer
  • Find out which business models tend to be most successful and provide the most value when it comes to a sale. E-commerce, service and content business models are all discussed

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