segerWared Seger is the co-founder of Parrot Analytics. Using data science, Parrot Analytics is able to pull TV show content data from different sources, and predict country-specific demand for pre-release content. Find out how they do it in this episode.



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Parrot Analytics is on the cutting edge of data science and “big data”. Wared doesn’t like that buzzword term, but it best describes how they are pulling data of content viewings and ratings of TV shows and series and using their proprietary algorithms and data science they are able to predict what content is going to be popular. This removes the risk for the network content buyers and sellers in choosing the content that will work. A lot of money is at stake, so they want to make the right decisions.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Parrot Analytics got started and what service they are providing
  • Understand what the current model is of content purchasing and its risks, and how Parrot Analytics solves that problem
  • Hear how Parrot Analytics is adhering to the Lean Startup principle in their business growth
  • Learn what strategies Wared is using to grow the business and get new customers
  • Hear about the trends in data analysis and data driven decision making
  • Find out what digital marketing strategies Parrot Analytics is using to drive business growth

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