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Billy Elusiv Terms & Conditions

By signing up and paying for a Billy Elusiv plan you: are agreeing to subscribe to and use our Billy Elusiv Search Marketing service; accept Our Terms & Conditions of the policies printed below; and represent and agree that you are authorized to sign up to a Billy Elusiv plan.

Service Description

The Billy Elusiv Marketing service helps your business promote its products and services through advertising in the “Sponsored Links” sections of the Google search results page, to the right and above relevant search results. These are classed as “Advertisements”.
Advertising requires you to have a Google Adwords account. If you do not have a Google account, Billy Elusiv can set this up for you as part of the service, including account activation and management of your Advertisements.


“Service Period” means the period from the date your first Advertisement is published until the same day of the following calendar month, and then each rolling monthly period thereafter (as the case may be).
“Monthly Budget” means the amount you agree to pay in Google Adwords, which covers the costs in Advertisements that are clicked on by searchers on the Google search engine. This is paid directly to Google, and the amount you pay is limited to your agreed Monthly Budget. You agree that this amount may be slightly more or slightly less than the agreed budget, simply because traffic volumes fluctuate and it is difficult to be exact.
“Management Fee” means the amount you agree to pay separately to Billy Elusiv to create, manage and optimize your Adwords campaign monthly.
We seek to get your Advertisements the highest number of clicks practicable within your Monthly Budget. At the end of each calendar month, Billy Elusiv will report on how much was spent in that calendar month and how many impressions and click-throughs were delivered from your Advertisements.
You may request changes to: (a) any Advertisement in respect of your name, address and phone number; or (b) the Categories and/or Areas for any Advertisement.
You may request a change to your Monthly Budget in email writing to us.
For any changes you request to your plan, you will need to allow 5 calendar days for this to take effect. We will strive to do it quicker than this however.


You agree to contact us for support relating to the Billy Elusiv Search Marketing service, and you will not communicate with Google directly. We will provide the following support:
Phone support on 07 543 4852 during business hours;
Response to email queries to ben@billyelusiv.com within 5 business days.
You must immediately notify us if you receive a complaint relating to any Advertisement, and we reserve the right to respond on your behalf.


We will begin billing you by credit card for the Billy Elusiv Search Marketing service at the beginning of you signing up to a plan, and then every 30 days thereafter from the date that you originally signed up.

Please note that the name that will appear on your bank statements will be Billy Elusiv.

Term and Termination

The initial term of your Plan shall commence on the date upon you signing up to a Billy Elusiv plan. However, Billy Elusiv may terminate your Plan at any time where you are in breach of any term of Our Terms of Business or these policies, or where Billy Elusiv is no longer able to provide you the Billy Elusiv Search Marketing service for any reason.

Additional Terms

You shall not carry out any act or omission that causes you or us to be in breach of the Adwords Terms and Conditions at https://adwords.google.com/select/tsandcsfinder.
Google controls access to the Adwords program, which access is therefore subject to change without warning. We will not be liable to you for the unavailability of the Billy Elusiv Search Marketing service.

Refunds Policy

Because we are offering a service of time and not a product as such, no refunds will be issued.

Delivery Times For Services

To setup a new online advertising campaign for a business will generally take approximately one week from time of purchase. Thereafter, ongoing management services occur on a daily basis.