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Remarketing Strategies For Your Business

remarketing-strategiesRemarketing is a great way to get conversions for not a lot of money through online advertising. Learn what remarketing is and how you might implement it for great results.


What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a term to describe how you can advertise online to only those people who have previously visited your website.

remarketing explained


How Does Remarketing Work?

A piece of AdWords code (also can be done from Google Analytics) is added to your website to track the people who have visited, and you can then show ads to those people when they browse other websites on the internet.


adding remarketing html


Here is what the AdWords remarketing code looks like…

example of remarketing code


As an advertiser, you can decide on the segments of people and behaviour that you want to deliver a specific advertising message to. You can get very targeted with your messaging, it is limited only by your imagination and how much traffic you get. Read on for some remarketing strategies you might use. It always helps to know what is possible.


Why Is remarketing effective?


1 – Those who see your ads already know about you and your brand/product/service. This gives you more credibility and trust because the person recognises you.


2 – That person has previously expressed some form of interest in your brand/product/service, so is more likely to become a lead or a customer. They came to your website the first time for a reason, right? Or they came to a specific page on your website and stayed for a certain length of time, so we can assume that they are more than interested in this specific product (see section below on remarketing strategies to employ.


3 – Generally remarketing is less expensive than the Cost Per Click of showing ads to new visitors. This means you can set up a remarketing campaign and have it ticking away in the background without needing to be managed frequently, serving to back up your main campaigns driving new traffic.
4 – You will get free brand awareness and exposure to your potential customers. As long as your banners are getting impressions (being shown to people), it doesn’t matter too much if they don’t click on your ads, because they are still definitely seeing them. The general mindset of the person being remarketed to who sees the ads but doesn’t click may go something like this…they may be thinking to themselves:

“yes I am interested in this product and I really want it, but the timing isn’t right just yet. I need to wait until I get paid at the end of next month so that I can purchase it”.


5 – Staying front of mind and generating mindshare. We as humans get distracted easily, even when we are on the path to purchase (this is why shopping cart abandonment strategies are effective).

The buying process can be a long one, some customers want to research and educate themselves more than others. So while they are doing research on other options by other companies in the market, you want to be staying front of mind with them, saying… “hey, remember me? I am still the best option for you!”.

If you don’t, you are leaving it to chance that the customer will forget you when they get to paralysis by analysis and end up choosing the company that has had the last touch point.

In our example above, the person who waited a month to get paid may now be ready to purchase, but may have forgotten about you as an option, seen somebody elses online advertising and gone and purchased from them. This is why staying front of mind is important.



Sophisticated Online Advertising


Setting ads to show for a certain length of time

It is helpful to know what your length of sales cycle is. If you know from experience that it is unlikely that a person will buy from you if they have been a lead for 2 months, then you can set your remarketing banner ads to only show to a person for less than that time period. Don’t waste money on advertising to someone who won’t purchase.

In this example, the duration has been set to 30 days…



Cancel the remarketing banners once the person successfully converts to a lead or a customer

Again its a waste of money to show your ads saying “hey, remember this product and how good it is? You should buy it!” when the person seeing it has already bought that product! (haha, don’t actually say that in an ad…though it would certainly be unique…hmmm I might just try it) That wastes your money, but it also annoys the customer who doesn’t feel quite so valued. (see strategy on what you should do instead with remarketing, to make a customer feel really valued).

custom audiences adwords


Show remarketing ads only to a person who is seriously interested in your product or service.

You can do that by only showing your ads to people who have taken a specific behaviour on your website. You can literally set the behaviour to whatever you feel is appropriate. Here is an example of how you might segment, only showing an ad to a person who has done the following on your website:

“The person has navigated to product ‘X’ page and stayed on that page for a minimum of 01:30, who is located in Australia, and who is likely to be a female.”


creating an audience for remarketing


You can see how this is powerful right? If your product can only be sold in Australia, and is only really suited to women, then you want to only show your ads to these people. Time on page makes the assumption that they are interested in the product enough to have stayed on the page for 1.5 minutes (which is a long time online).


Show banner ads of a particular product to a person who has viewed that unique product on your website

If you were looking at Nike Shoes on my ecommerce shoe website, then you would see remarketing ads displaying those same Nike Shoes later on. Yes this is possible with remarketing.


Show remarketing ads with messaging that is specific to the stage in the sales process that person is in

Very simplistically, a sales process will go from Visitor to Lead to Customer, with smaller steps in between.

Therefore you can show ads to a visitor of your website and get them to enter into the top of your funnel by opting in for a free report or guide. They then have become a lead, and will no longer see the ad about the free guide. Instead, you may start to show them ads about a case study of a customer of yours who has had incredible results using your product. Because they are in the research and evaluation stage, you want them to read this case study to provide third party proof for example.

So showing ads depending on where you are in the sales cycle is valuable.


Remarketing For The Win

Remarketing is generally more effective (as a percentage of clicks) in getting conversions, be it a lead or a customer. Setting up remarketing for your business to tick away in the background could be the most cost effective method of online advertising that is on offer.

If you are interested in remarketing for your business and are not doing it currently, we can set it up for you with no ongoing management costs. Contact us for details.

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