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Mobile Marketing With General Manager Of Snakk Media

andrewIn this podcast episode I talk with Andrew Jacobs, General Manager of NZX Listed Snakk Media. We discuss mobile marketing and the campaigns Snakk Media is implementing for their clients. If this episode doesn’t get you excited about mobile and smart devices, then nothing will.




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Andrew Jacobs is the General Manager of Snakk Media, which is a ‘smart screen media company’. They provide mobile marketing and advertising services for their clients, and in this interview you will hear and learn about the following:

  • Hear why Snakk Media had to reposition itself from being a mobile marketing company to a ‘smart screen media company
  • Learn what mobile trends are occurring worldwide, understand the types of behaviours that are driving these trends and how marketers can take advantage of these
  • We talk about the value of data, and when you bring the right data together how you can create a much better ad experience
  • Find out what mobile strategies are working the best for Snakk Media right now
  • See how Snakk Media target their advertising, and what mix they use between location based, behaviour based and psychographic based data to target their marketing
  • Learn what channels they are using to serve their ads and achieve the best results
  • Hear the 4 elements that Snakk Media looks for to get the most engagement in their campaigns, so you can do the same
  • Find out what the biggest opportunity for businesses of any size has in front of them

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