Manufacturer Increases Quote Opportunities

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Manufacturer Increases Quote Opportunities

See How A Light Manufacturing Company Increases Quote Opportunities By Running Google Adwords

Manufacturer Provides Free Measure & Quotes For Prospective Customers

Making Shade Limited is a light manufacturing business, creating shade solutions for commercial and residential customers. They provide advice on the type of shade structure that is required and give an estimate or a quote to manufacture and install it.


Business Relies On Generating Leads

Making Shade provides free quotes and estimates for prospective customers. Because the products they create are generally a one-time purchase, new potential customers are always needing to be found. Because Making Shade have been in the industry a long time, are very good at what they do, they get 70% of jobs that they quote on.

So they just need to be given the opportunity to quote on a job.



Google Adwords Gives The Opportunity To Quote

By targeting searchers who are looking for businesses that sell shade products, Making Shade are able to market to them and offer an obligation free quote.
Making Shade are happy to offer this, because they know from their tracking that 70% of the time they will get the job.
Google Adwords gives Making Shade the opportunity to quote on many more jobs than they would otherwise be quoting on, and by default generating more business for them.

“Every time a person enquires and asks for a quote, I ask them how they found us. Invariably they say they have Googled it or gone online looking for ‘shade’. Google Adwords does allow us to quote for more work…the more we quote, the more work we will get.”

Ron Smith, Owner of Making Shade Ltd


Try Google Adwords For 1 Month

Every day people are searching for the products and services that your business provides. You want to give yourself the opportunity to make an offer to all those people and get more sales.

Making Shade trialled Google Adwords for a month and were amazed with the results. See for yourself how Adwords can work for your business and trial it today.

We would like to offer you a $100 Adwords Voucher to cover your first months adwords spend. This makes it easy to get started and gives you nothing to lose and a lot of sales and customers to gain! Grab your voucher by clicking the button below.


 “It’s pretty easy (to get started). For the costs, it’s a very small amount for the results you can get in one month.”

Ron Smith, Owner of Making Shade Ltd

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