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How To Use AdWords Ad Extensions In Your Campaign

ad-extensions-blog-imageAdwords extensions are a way to extend your adwords ad to provide more information and make it more appealing to the searcher.

Google provides this to you for no extra charge as an advertiser, and yet many AdWords advertisers still forget about them. Here is why you should always be using these extensions.


Why Use AdWords Ad Extensions?


Searchers Click On These Ads More

Searchers are more inclined to click on an ad that includes these extensions because more information is provided and the ad is simply bigger taking up more real estate on the page. An ad that a searcher is more likely to click on benefits both Google and the advertiser.


Ad Extensions Give You A Better Ad Rank

Further reinforcing the fact that you should be using as many extensions as possible, Google gives you a better Ad Rank if you are including these extensions in your ads. This has been a relatively recent addition by Google. What it ultimately means is that you will pay less per click if you include Extensions in your ads.

Google made this new announcement on October 22nd, 2013.



Ad Extensions Are Easy To Set Up, So You Might As Well

So it all adds up to have AdWords ad extensions in your ads (that’s a real tongue twister). Firstly let’s go through what extensions are possible, with examples.


Types Of Ad Extensions

You are not going to be able to use all the extensions possible, because some won’t be relevant to your business. Let’s go through them to see which ones will be relevant for you, and which ones won’t.


Sitelink Extensions

Every AdWords campaign should use sitelink extensions in their ads. You can set up what you think are the most important links to inner pages on your website. It provides the searcher with more details about what your website is about, and it gives you as the advertiser the opportunity to explain more about what your product or service can offer.

Here is what they look like in the ad.


The best strategy is to think of each link as an opportunity to insert a mini feature or benefit statement, or a call to action which then links to that exact section of your site that you mention.


Location Extensions

The location extension adds your address to the ad, alongside a pin icon. When the link is clicked, it goes to your map listing on Google Maps. You need to link your Google My Business account to your AdWords account in order for this to be possible.

What a location extension looks like in an ad…

ad extensions location

Call Extensions

These show your phone number in your ad, and if you are showing your ads on mobile devices as well, the call extension will show as a ‘click to call’ button to make it easier to put the call through.

Some call extensions in an ad…

Desktop Call Extension

desktop call extensions

Mobile Call Extension

call extension on mobile


App Extensions

If you have a mobile app, this is a great way to get downloads. The app extension will show a button with a link that takes the user directly to your app on the app store or play store to download. App extensions only work if someone is searching using their mobile device, so when they click the app extension button the device will automatically open up the app store or play store app and go to that specific app download page.

App extension example in an ad…



Review Extensions

If you have any Google reviews then you want to showcase these in your ads for two reasons. Firstly the ad simply stands out more and catches the users all-important attention, and secondly it enhances your ad by providing social proof and credibility that other customers have received a good service and experience from you (assuming your reviews are good of course!)

Here is a review extension example…



Callout Extensions

These simply allow you to add more information into your ad, which otherwise only has two lines with 35 characters each. Just as I recommended you utilise sitelink extensions to add more feature or benefit statements into your ad, these callouts provide exactly that opportunity. It is your chance to ‘call out’ what the most compelling features or benefits are of your product or service, and adds more volume and weight to your add to draw attention.

Here is a callout extension example in a real-life ad…


Where To Set Up Extensions In Your Campaign

Simply look for the tab ‘Ad Extensions’, and underneath that will be a dropdown box where you can add your details.




Google Decides When Ad Extensions Show

Please note that your extensions are not always going to show in a search result. Google decides when it is relevant to include these when showing your ad, and they take into consideration the likelihood of how much improvement it will make to your ad performance, your existing budget and a lot of other mysterious factors.
The important thing to remember is you need to have them set up in your account so you give yourself the best possible opportunity of having them shown in your ad in search results. You’ve got to be in to win!


Use Ad Extensions Where Possible

If you are managing your own AdWords account, make sure you are using all the extensions available. If you have an AdWords agency or somebody else managing your AdWords for you, just ask them and check to make sure they are in place.

If we are managing your AdWords campaigns for you, rest assured that we are using all the extensions possible to give you the best results we can.

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