How To Tell Your Story To Get More Business

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How To Tell Your Story To Get More Business

It’s time to learn the art of story telling in business. I wrote an article in the February/March edition of InHouse magazine just published. Even though the target audience is building companies, the principles of story-telling apply to any industry. 
tell-your-storyInHouse is the official magazine of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand. I write a bi-monthly column for the magazine, educating its members on digital marketing and social media strategies to help their businesses target customers online. Here is the article which will very much relate to any industry. Enjoy.

How To Get More Business By Telling Your Story


Most builders are good at building or renovating a home, actually doing the work is the relatively easy part. The more difficult part is getting the jobs in the first place.

Here you will learn online strategies that will get more prospects choosing you as their builder for their next project.

The Art Of Story Telling

Marketing is all about story telling. If you can tell your story to an audience of people who are interested in what it is you have to offer, and your story communicates your unique value proposition, what it is you stand for and why customers choose you to build their home, then you will generate interest.

So what sorts of stories should you be telling others about your building company?

  • Stories of how others have experienced your work

  • Stories of the results other clients have received from using you as their builder

  • Stories of the projects you have completed that show you are good at what you do

  • Stories that explain and demonstrate your unique value proposition

So a story is basically a way of demonstrating your value, experience and expertise to a prospect in a way that they can relate to and not be intimidated by.

How does telling better stories generate more business for you?

By demonstrating your value

As building a new home or doing a major renovation is a large purchase decision, it obviously takes a lot of trust and commitment for a client in choosing their builder. Whether they ask or not, they want to know if you understand their needs and desires, and if you can do the job to the standard they would like. If you can demonstrate that you understand their needs the best, then you will win that job.

Every story you tell demonstrates your value, your knowledge, your experience and your expertise to the potential client in a way they can relate to.

The more value you can give during the sales process, the more trust they will develop with you and the more likely they will use you to build their home.

By providing social proof

There is no more powerful story than by showing video testimonials, case studies and pictures of satisfied customers who have already had a great experience and service from you. People trust what others say before they will trust what you say to them, because you have a vested interest in trying to sell them something. If you can get others to talk about their experiences in using you as a builder, you will have powerful social proof to put prospects minds at ease.

Story Telling Example:

“If you can tell your story, you will get more leads.”

– Grant Florence, CEO of Certified Builders

Grant Florence gives the example of one of their Certified members having a great story but not sharing it. “One of our members did the fitout for all Barkers Menswear stores, but he doesn’t talk about it or promote it. If he did, he would get a lot more business because the fit and finish of Barkers stores are excellent, and most people know the Barkers brand”.

So here is a builder who has a great story to tell, one that gives him instant recognition, credibility and social proof of working with discerning buyers (Barkers obviously has a certain standard that the brand has to adhere to).

He has the possibility of leveraging off the familiarity of the Barkers menswear brand, but is not taking advantage of it.

Your website is the best place to tell your stories

People love stories, examples and social proof. It gives them confidence in your expertise and removes fears of them making a wrong decision. Your website is your most powerful tool to not only tell your story, but to also attract the right types of prospects who want to hear it.

He who tells the best story wins!

If you are interested in getting prospects to your website, in telling better stories and getting a better return on your investment in advertising, then let’s have a discussion.