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How To Run Your Business Like A Surgeon

surgeon-largeIn this episode I discuss my operation and the lessons I have learnt from my surgeon and how he runs his business. These lessons we can all apply into our own businesses.



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This is my first ‘solo’ episode so to speak, I feel it is more important to keep the valuable content flowing, than to miss a week just because I don’t have a guest. This episode is still a goodie however, as I go into the following:

  • How sometimes daily business and servicing customers takes up all your time and gets in the way of being able to work ON your business. But ironically you need to invest the time in working on your business so you have the customers to be able to service. It is a balancing act that needs to be managed accordingly.
  • I have just had surgery on both my hips, and seeing the way the surgeon runs his business has been eye-opening. Seeing the way he only does the most crucial aspects, that is the consultation and operation itself, and then having a team doing absolutely everything else. This frees himself up to do the parts of his business that only he can do. That is huge leverage and something I am going to put into my business.


  • Book recommendation – Heart To Start by Derek Handley. An inspiring autobiography hearing about both his successes and failures, and how he ended up founding and running ‘The B Team’ with Richard Branson.


  • I go through in-depth my article I wrote previously about the 8 reasons why people don’t buy from your website. Read that article here.



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