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How To Market A SaaS Business With Sam Kidd

samSam Kidd, one of the founders of, gives us insights into what marketing activities work the best for a SaaS business in this episode of the Digital Age podcast.




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I think we can learn a lot by talking to those who are doing things successfully, and when it comes to having a quality service complemented by a clever marketing approach, there is no company that I see doing it better than In this episode you will hear about some of the following:

  • What is and how it got started as a Software as a Service business (Saas)
  • Sam discusses what he thinks the most important aspects are to focus on to get traction in the early days of a business, whether that is the product, the service, or the marketing
  • Hear what online marketing activities are working the best for right now, between facebook advertising, remarketing and content marketing/blogging
  • has recently put a lot of emphasis on offline marketing activities such as sponsoring events and creating merchandise. Find out how well this is working for their Saas business
  • Find out why were happy to pay over $500,000 for their .com domain name very recently, and hear their reasoning behind the purchase decision

Crucial Links

Find out more about and their awesome project management software

Asana is the free project management software I mention in the episode

Evernote is the other free software I mentioned as using as a crude project management tool in the early days

If you have any questions for Sam Kidd or myself about this episode, let me know in the comments below.

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