Hotel Uses Adwords To Increase Bookings

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Hotel Uses Adwords To Increase Bookings

Find Out How A Hotel In Whitianga Uses Adwords To Make Their Own Bookings Rather Than Relying On Other Booking Engines


The More Bookings Oceans Resort Can Make Themselves The Better

In the hotel industry there are many booking engines such as,, and the list goes on. Many hotels rely on these booking engines for their business. The only problem is that the booking fees are very high, which squeezes the margins that hotels can make on each room.

If hotels can book their rooms themselves, they make more money per room. This is exactly what Oceans Resort in Whitianga is focusing on, and their Google Adwords campaign is allowing them to do just that.


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“Before we started using Google Adwords, we were just using other booking engines. So for us it was an opportunity to decrease the commission that we pay somebody else to get a booking.”


Jonelle Baxter, marketing manager Oceans Resort Whitianga


How Oceans Resort Use Google Adwords To Book Their Own Rooms

Quite simply by using Google Adwords to put themselves in front of the many searches that people make when looking for accommodation in Whitianga, and getting that traffic through to their website, Oceans Resort are able to convert some of that traffic to bookings.


Campaign Optimization Saves Oceans Resort Money

Through campaign optimization strategies that Runadwords has implemented, we have found that some search terms do not get as many bookings as others, therefore we do not waste money on those search terms any longer.
For example, search terms that included the word “motel” in them were not delivering visitors to Oceans Resort website that would turn into clients. The word “motel” was being used by searchers who were desiring accommodation that was cheaper and of lower quality than what Oceans Resort provided. So instead of continuing to pay to have these search term visitors coming to the website, these terms were eliminated from the campaign.


Hotel Reduces Booking Costs From $14 To $4

By running a Google Adwords campaign, Oceans Resort has managed to reduce their average booking costs from $14 fee per booking down to $4 per booking. All done by using Google Adwords to attract visitors searching for accommodation in Whitianga to their website and booking on their site. By not having to rely on 3rd party booking engines for business, not only does Oceans Resort save money, but they are also in control of their business.

“Our cost per booking has gone from $14 down to just $4 just by using Google Adwords. So it’s a very cost effective medium for us.”


Jonelle Baxter, marketing manager Oceans Resort Whitianga


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