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Call Tracking For New Zealand & Australia

call-tracking-nzWe can now provide call tracking services to NZ and Australian businesses (whoop whoop!)

Why would you want to have call tracking?

As a business, you are probably spending money on advertising to acquire new customers. You may be advertising in a range of different channels such as Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation, Radio Ads, Magazine Ads, Direct Mail or more (see diagram of channels).

You may be investing in one or more of these advertising channels. Do you know exactly how well it is working for you?
When the phone calls with an enquiry or a new sale, do you know where it has come from?
Sure you could ask the person, but people are not always reliable. They may say “I found you on Google”. But this does not help you know if it came from an organic search result or from AdWords.
Knowing the difference allows you to invest more time and money into the channels that are working, and less time and money in the channels that aren’t. This saves you money.

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Why is call tracking important?

Tracking where leads and sales are coming from give you valuable insight into what advertising channels are working for you, which of those channels are giving you a return on investment. Because some of these channels are large investments of money, you need to know if it is working and generating the leads and sales you need to justify the expense.
Knowing your return on investment for a specific advertising channel is empowering. It gives you the confidence to continue to invest in it because you KNOW it is working. There is no guessing or assuming.


How does call tracking work?

We put a piece of script that ‘wraps’ around your existing telephone number on your website. If a person comes from a specific advertising channel, the call tracking script dynamically changes the phone number (usually just the last few digits). So if that person called that exact number, they would get tracked as coming from that channel.


What if the person leaves and comes back later?

The cool thing is that even if that person didn’t call the first time they came to the website, but came back 3 months later by some other means, they would see that same phone number on the website and still get tracked back to the original advertising channel that helped them discover you in the first place.
How cool is that! What is cool is knowing the value a specific advertising channel is driving for you.


What situations does call tracking suit best?

If your business has both of the following:
• Your business gets a decent number of phone calls by potential customers.
• Your business is doing both online and offline advertising.

If you have both of those ingredients, then it is highly recommended to consider using call tracking for your advertising.


In what situations does call tracking not work best for?

Businesses that get next to no phone calls from potential customers in either enquiries or sales, would not benefit from call tracking.
One example may be an e-commerce website (although some DO get lots of calls, especially for larger purchase items).

Businesses that do no advertising (or very little) are also not suited to call tracking, as there is no advertising to track.
Examples might be a company with a long term government contract, or a business that has existing recurring clients and cannot possibly handle any more.


How much does call tracking cost?

I know that is what you are thinking…A toll free number will cost as little as $15/month. For local business that only need a local number, then it is $7.50/month. This is extremely cost effective when it gives you such valuable information on what advertising is working for you.

Would you pay $7.50/month to know that the calls you have been getting are coming from Google AdWords, because up until now you haven’t been sure if AdWords is really working for you?


What about Google Call Forwarding?

Because tracking calls is so important for understanding the return on investment you are getting in advertising, Google now provides call tracking for Australia. It is not available in New Zealand at this stage.
The upside of Google’s call tracking is that it is free
The downside is that you can only track Google AdWords. So you cannot track calls that come from organic search, Facebook, or offline advertising methods. It is also difficult to track more than one number if you have multiple office locations.


Want to see if call tracking is right for you?

We can help you determine if call tracking is going to work for your business, and what the best options might be. Will it give you a return on investment of $15/month? Absolutely.

If you have been paying for Google AdWords and are not entirely sure if it is worth the investment, those phone calls you’ve been getting may have originated from those AdWords. If you knew that was exactly the case, both you and ourselves can be confident to continue to invest in it.

Contact us to discuss call tracking for your business.

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