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4 Ways To Improve Adwords Click Through Rate

Relevance is king when it comes to google adwords. In this blog post I will show you how to increase the performance of your adwords so you get more visitors to your website for […]

January 6th, 2014|blog|

Tweets Of The Week – 01

Welcome to Tweets Of The Week

Here is new initiative from me on the blog. I want to do a roundup of the top tweets I have come across during the week that have […]

December 21st, 2013|blog|

How Vend Cultivates Their Community Online With Sim Ahmed

In this podcast episode I talk with Sim Ahmed who is the Community Manager of Vend. Learn why community building is important enough to be a persons full time job. Listen to the interview […]

December 18th, 2013|blog, podcast, social media marketing|

How To Do Facebook Advertising Like A Boss

Never before has there been the ability for marketers to be so targeted and specific in their advertising. This allows businesses to make their marketing and promotion spend as effective as it can possibly be with great return on investment. Learn what your options are with facebook advertising and the ways to use it most effectively for your business. […]

December 15th, 2013|blog|

Why Are My Google Adwords Ads Not Showing?

This is a question that is often asked, and can be quite confusing when you have just set up a new adwords campaign but your ads aren't showing when you do the search. Here are some reasons why this happens, and hopefully clears some concerns you may have.
December 8th, 2013|blog, google adwords|

Trustpower Website Review

Overall the new Trustpower website design is a modern and clean design which I like. BUT, there are some major useability flaws that really hurt the user experience, find out what they are, and how to avoid them on your website.

December 2nd, 2013|blog|

Vend Point Of Sale Website Critique

Critiquing another company’s website gives you real world examples of important elements you should have on your own website. By understanding the psychological reasons why websites have the elements that they do allows you […]

November 22nd, 2013|blog|
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    How Antipodes Water Are Using Social Media In Their Business

How Antipodes Water Are Using Social Media In Their Business

In this podcast episode I talk with Morven Mcauley who is the sales manager of Antipodes Water, and is using social media to help drive brand awareness, engagement and sales for their business. Listen […]

November 22nd, 2013|blog, podcast|

How To Use Your CRM System To Get More Sales

How to use your CRM System to get more sales

As a business with a CRM system, yes you hold the details of all your customers in one database, but it is much more powerful […]

November 18th, 2013|blog|

How To Create 301 Redirect To Your New Website

When upgrading your website to a new one, you must remember to create 301 redirects from your old website pages to your new website pages. That is if you want to keep your organic traffic from the search engines that is… […]

November 13th, 2013|blog, search engine optimisation|