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Adding Negative Keywords To Your Account

When optimising your Google AdWords account, the goal is to make your account as efficient and effective as possible. You only want to be paying for visitors to your website who are looking for exactly what it is that you offer.

Sometimes a search term on Google that is not relevant to you may still trigger your ad to show. We don’t really want this happening because that creates unwanted impressions of your ad (which drives up your Quality Score, and hence you start paying more per click) and if the person clicks on your ad, they are an unlikely buyer.


Looking at the Search Terms Report

This report is how we can see what search terms have triggered ads to show. We look at this report every week, and sometimes more frequently, and check to make sure ads are not being triggered for irrelevant search terms.



Here is an example where ads are being triggered for the wrong search terms.

This business sells commercial ice vending machines, both the machines themselves and franchise opportunities. Ice makers for use at home is a related product and you can see how Google might think it is relevant, but we need to tell Google that ice machines for home or domestic use is not what we want to show our ads for.




How we can stop your ad from showing in these situations is to use the offending keyword as a ‘negative’ keyword. This means that if that keyword is used anywhere in the search term, then your ad will not show.

So in the example above, we will add the keywords ‘home’ and ‘domestic’, so that in future if anyone uses these words in a search, the ads will not show.




Adding Negative Keywords Consistently

There are thousands of searches being made on Google every month for the product or service you provide. People use different keywords and search terms to look for what they want, so there are always new negative keywords to add. Over time, by continually adding negative keywords to make sure your ad ONLY shows for searches that are very specific to your product or service, this is how your AdWords account becomes optimised and more cost-effective over time.


How You Can Help Us With Negative Keywords

It is important that we understand all the products and services that you provide, so we can stop ads from showing in searches that may be similar, but not actually what you provide.

Please let us know as soon as you add a product or service offering to your business, so we can make sure we either do not block searches for that product or service, or add in keywords for that new product or service.

Google AdWords is a constantly fluctuating beast, but with two-way communication, we can keep on top of things together and improve your AdWords campaign.

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