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5 Tips To Become A Better Public Speaker With Carly Shorter

5-tips-to-become-better-public-speakerIf you are a marketer, manager or business owner, and you want to become a better public speaker and communicator, then listen in as Carly Shorter gives us 5 amazing tips that will improve your public speaking and communication skills.


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Being able to communicate your message clearly and concisely is such an important skill. Whether you have staff that you want to get your point across to or need to motivate or whether you do sales presentations or demonstrations for your work or business, being able to do it in a way that is engaging and interesting makes a really big difference to the result you will get.

If I think of some of the most successful business leaders, they all are extremely good communicators. Look at Steve Jobs as an example, he was highly charismatic in his product launch events. Richard Branson is of the same charismatic ilk. If you can communicate clearly and be memorable in doing so, people are more likely to remember it, action it and you will get a better outcome.


  • Carly and I discuss why public speaking and communicating is such an important skill not only in business, but in life, and yet for some many people it is a very real problem or fear for them.
  • Carly tells us what makes a good public speaker and what it is that keeps people engaged.
  • She talks us through what some of the most common mistakes or bad habits are that people make when they are communicating or public speaking.
  • Learn 5 tips and strategies to improve your public speaking. These are real strategies that make a positive difference.

P = Pace (making sure you don’t talk too fast, nor too slow to bore your audience to death)

F = Fly (Carly has a personal story about this one, but it relates to your personal appearance)

O = Oxygen (the way you breathe has a very real affect on how you speak, the way your words sound, and on calming your nerves)

R = Real (when speaking you want to be real, honest and speaking from the heart. If you believe in what you are saying, then others will believe you too)

D = Dynamic (to get your point across, keep your audience engaged and be memorable, you have to be dynamic and interesting when you talk)



To learn more about Carly Shorter and her awesome coaching and training to make you a blimmin’ good public speaker, see her website bubbleandspeak.co.nz here.

If you have any questions for myself or Carly about this episode, ask in the comments below.

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